Thursday, March 15, 2007


Video distribution is all set to redefine the internet business. There is lot more to develop and innovate in this stream. Services like YouTube and their forthcoming rivals like Zudeo and Joost are really going to take over the charge of revenues from internet; with a fixed aim to serve the users as best as they can.

(A screenshot of Zudeo user interface)

Zudeo: Next YouTube in the pipeline

  • A high-quality video sharing site developed by Azureus Inc.
  • Works on Azureus’ specially developed BitTorrent client
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Has distribution contracts with major television, film and media companies
  • Free to download from

IT WAS snow all over and still snowing heavily In such a condition, which can be easily termed as bad, people would prefer to stay inside their homes and get some heat. But in a Scandinavian country like Norway, where mobile penetration is as high as 104 % (and is still on rise) and internet penetration is about 80 %, people just can’t stay without doing anything. A girl with a mobile video camera in hand goes all over the premises around her house to shoot the record level snow fall. She posts the video on a local news site and on YouTube and her video gets over a thousand hits in less than an hour’s time. YouTube is flooded with videos from countries where internet access is pretty fast and easy. If the access is fast and process is easy, user demands quality. Video sharing sites like YouTube is not always good on quality as it dependent totally on the user generated content. There is something which is knocking on the door to become next YouTube.

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about The Venice Project –being marketed by the name Joost in the same column. A lot of new players are exploring the potential of online video distribution ever since Google has bought YouTube from its creators. The file sharing company Azureus recently launched a new distribution platform for downloading high-quality videos being named as Zudeo. Within months from its Zudeo partnered with BBC to share the selected BBC videos. Until now all BBC videos available on the file sharing sites were categorized as illegal. This is the first time when BBC went into an agreement with Azureus to share the copyrighted videos on Zudeo network. This speaks about the authenticity and potential of the product.

Try watching a YouTube video in full-screen mode. You can't make out the details of what's going on. We have changed all that. Our main target is high-definition video, which is a whole new market online.
- Gilles BianRosa, CEO, Azureus Inc.

Azureus hopes that Zudeo will become the next YouTube for high definition, DVD-quality video on the internet. Users can upload, download and comment on videos in a manner similar to other video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe and Revver. But instead of the low-resolution video offered by competing websites, the Azureus promises internet video at better than DVD quality. This is possible only because the company uses its own BitTorrent client to distribute huge video files speedily (Azureus is best known for its popular file-sharing client, which allows users to download big files from each other using the peer-to-peer BitTtorrent protocol).

How to get it?

It is very simple to go live with Zudeo. All you need is a high-speed internet connection to upload or download videos. And this does not happen in your ordinary browser. You need to download the Azureus BitTorrent client to use Zudeo. However, you don’t have to browse for content on as it has a content browser within it to streamline the download process.

Zudeo has channels section to help users navigate through content like music, videos, films, trailers etc. The content is more or less similar to other video sharing sites. However, much of the content on Zudeo is of higher quality and there is even an High Definition (HD) category. With growing number of high-definition video cameras HDTVs in the home, it's clear that high-definition entertainment has a future. Zudeo has been developed with this vision. Every user who downloads a file on a BitTorrent network also simultaneously uploads pieces of the file to other users on the network. If you have something to upload in the provided categories, you can help out the Zudeo community by creating an account and publishing your own content.

Rich User experience

It’s all for users like us. Zudeo has lot more features than discussed here. You only will have to use it and know for yourself. Azureus CEO Gilles BianRosa is pretty confident that internet users are going to love Zudeo for its featurs. He says to a popular tech magazine, “Try watching a YouTube video in full-screen mode. You can't make out the details of what's going on. We have changed all that. Our main target is high-definition video, which is a whole new market online.” Azureus plans to add television shows and full-length feature films to the service in a couple of months from now.

The company has finalized distribution deals with 12 television, film and media companies. Unlike YouTube, which is facing immense problem in selling the space because of illegal postings, Zudeo has taken all necessary precautions. According to Gilles, Zudeo will obey all copyright laws by removing any illegitimate clips at the rights holders' request. Gilles provides some figures to support his statement. He states that, you can make money by sharing legitimate videos. A new research study predicts that the market for legal video downloads will grow from its current $218.4 million to $975 million by 2011. And that is all for services like Zudeo.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Smart or not?

iPhone is all set to grab your attention. Come June and people would forget Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and Blackberry. The buzzword will be Apple iPhone - a brilliant combination of iPod and a mobile phone. But will this combination be that fascinating?
Read about it, think over it...

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Fit to eat?

Do you love frozen chicken? Do you prefer frozen peas to garnish hot veg pulao? Beware! Frozen food is not always safe to eat. Read out - How to detect whether the food is safe or not?
(All about Frozen Food Detector)

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